For founders of online education companies and info product businesses with a small team, making at least ~100k/month who want to cut costs, focus on profit, and exit by removing themselves as the “face” of the business so they can keep as an asset or sell.

Who Partners is for

Founders of info product and education companies who want to exit their business and keep as an asset or sell

You’re perfect for Partners if you:

  • Own a successul info product business (coaches, consultants, education companies)
  • Have a small team (not a solopreneur)
  • Are making at least ~50k-300k/month (you’ve proven you have a successful business)
  • Are the face or talent of the business (you’ve built the business on you and your skillsets)
  • Want to cut costs, focus on profits (we care about bottom line, not vanity metrics)
  • Want to turn your business into an asset you can keep for passive cash flow (yes, these businesses can run without you)
  • Want to finally “exit” and sell your business (yes, you can sell your info product business)

How it works

If you are a successful founder, operator, or owner of an info product business and you’re tired of “scaling” and want to work smarter not harder by turning your business into an asset that you can keep for cash flow or sell to finally “exit”, then let’s work together:

  • Work with a small group of founders who have the same mission of turning their business into an asset they can keep or sell
  • Weekly calls for customized collaboration
  • Access to our entire rolodex of accountants, M&A advisors, legal team
  • 4 live events: a mix of 3 day in-person and zoom retreats
  • SOPs, systems, and every single tool you’ll need to turn your business into an asset
  • Top notch recruitment. We will recruit and place content creators, subject matter experts, and operators in your business.
  • Find buyers for your business. Receive LOIs (letter of intents) from qualified buyers.

How to join

If you are ready to get serious about your business and start your journey toward turning your start-up into an asset that you can keep for cash flow or sell, then join the waitlist and Skool community below.