Our version of a “record label”. We determine if you’re either “underground talent”, the “operator”, or the “content creator” and then work closely with you to build and scale an info product business. We train and pair you with the right people so you can continue to focus on what you love.

Who Incubator is for

Underground talent who haven’t reached the 100k/month mark yet.

You’re perfect for Incubator if you:

  • Truly are an expert at your craft (not just a marketer marketing marketing to marketers)
  • Are a YouTuber creating content and building an audience (not a poser)
  • Are monetizing your skillset by doing work for clients (not just a hobby)
  • Are an operator who loves running a business (but doesn’t actually have anything compelling to sell)
  • Haven’t launched a successful (30k/month) info product (course, mastermind) yet


How it works

We are only looking for true experts in their craft. We want to take your creative genius and add you to the education space and scale to at least 100k/month only focusing on doing what you love. Here’s how we help:

  • Determine who you really are: We find out if you are “underground talent”, a “content creator”, or an “operator”. Once we’re clear on who you are, we pour into you defining or refining the offer that’s actually true to you.
  • Underground Talent: We get clear on what your hidden skillset is and start working on finding the right content creators and operators to get your name known. All you do is continue to pour into your craft, while we train and pair you with the right team.
  • Content Creator: If you have a substantial following on YouTube, we work on an offer that is bulletproof and true to who you are. We train and pair you with operators and experts in your offer to start monetizing your channel in a significant way.
  • Operator: If you are a business-minded person who loves entrepreneurship, but you’ve never been able to crack the code on selling something at scale, it could be because you are a marketer marketing marketing to marketers. We need to dig down deep to find your true passion, and pair you with an unbelievable subject matter expert, or content creator. You’ll start selling something with an edge that will skyrocket with your abilites.


How to join

If you are a Subject Matter Expert, Content Creator, or YouTuber, and want to have a substantial info product business attached to your skillset, then join the Incubator down below!